Leverage Change

GO Markets Leverage Rates

All GO Markets client by default, are set up using a leverage rate of 100:1 (1%). According to the account balance, a client may choose a rate between 1:1 (no leverage) to a maximum 500:1. Please consider which leverage rate is appropriate for your needs. It is important to understand the concept of leverage and how it may impact on your trading.

Please Note:

Certain currencies attract a higher margin rate irrespective of your account leverage. Some currencies may have a fixed leverage rate, while others (such as exotic currencies), may require up to five (5) times the margin rate of a major currency.

Leverage Explained

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Changing your Leverage Ratio

To request a change to your trading account’s leverage ratio, please login to your account and submit a request.

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Available Leverage Min. Account Balance Max. Account Balance
500:1 $200 $10,000
400:1 $200 $50,000
300:1 $200 $100,000
200:1 $200 $250,000
100:1 $100 $500,000
50:1 $100 $500,000+
25:1 $100 $500,000+
1:1 $100 $500,000+