Inner Circle Webinars

Weekly Group Coaching Webinars

This group coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You want to develop new knowledge and skills when it comes to Forex trading;
  • Need a refresher to re-examine your previous trading systems to re-develop the confidence in trading;
  • You would like to connect with traders in the “Inner Circle” community.

Course objective:

To provide traders with weekly education, market review, and connect with other Forex and CFD traders.

Free weekly session – every Wednesday @ 7.30pm AEST.

The Inner Circle course package includes:

  • Weekly webinars offering innovative and comprehensive learning across all aspects of trading knowledge and practice;
  • Access to the Inner Circle Community Facebook group for regular updates, support and the opportunity to connect with other traders;
  • Access to our library of previous group coaching sessions;
  • Continued support from your GO Markets education and account management teams.

Inner Circle Content

Each Inner Circle group coaching webinar session consists two key components:

    1. Topic of the week

This unique approach to offering “Client-led” education where the group choose the topics for discussion means that your questions and queries are addressed. A wide range of topics are covered every week; some of the common categories will be as follows:

      • Inspection of specific technical indicators;
      • Features of advanced system development;
      • Behavioural and psychological aspects of trading; and
      • Special guest speaker sessions.
    1. Market watch

The Market Watch section within every session looks at what is happening in the market and major currency pairs live. This will include key price points, indicators and descriptions of what we see to facilitate your understanding and reading of price charts.

How to Register

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