Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange (FX) market is known as the largest and most liquid in the world. It has an estimated $4 trillion daily transactions, which is far bigger than all the stocks and bonds markets combined.

The Forex market is decentralised, which means you can trade FX from anywhere without going through a central exchange. As long as you have an FX broker and reliable trading platform like MT4, you can get started in trading Forex.

With new and advanced technology, FX trading platforms such as MT4 have made Forex trading more accessible to all types of traders.

Below are some Forex trading education materials which is suitable for beginners and advanced traders. once you’ve gone through these, you can also access and register for GO Markets free Forex trading education courses.

Forex Trading Handbook

If you’re ready to make the shift to FX trading, this Forex Trading Handbook can help you with all the basics as well as some advanced information. Some of the topics you can find here include:

  • What is forex?
  • 8 major currencies
  • Pips and spreads
  • FX trading hours
  • FX trading strategies
  • Using charts to trade Forex
  • Using leverage in FX trading
  • FX trading psychology


Forex Trading for Beginners

Forex Ebook

Forex Ebook Forex Ebook

Advanced Forex Ebook

Advanced Forex Ebook Advanced Forex Ebook

Forex Strategies

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